Top 10 Scuba Dive sites in Australia

Top 10 Australian Scuba Dive Sites

From shipwrecks to sharks, the Great Barrier Reef and all the islands in between, Adreno counts down our Top 10 Australian Scuba Sites. Grab your regulator and jump in!


  1. Osprey Reef, GBR, QLD (photo by

Exploding with marine life, the iconic Osprey Reef is a must-do for divers. Whether you are looking to hit the water for the first time or a seasoned veteran of the reefs, Osprey is home to a plethora of native species guaranteed to surprise.


  1. Ningaloo, Exmouth WA (photo by

As if swimming next to an 18 metre Whale Shark was not enough, Ningaloo Reef is teeming with Manta Rays, Reef Sharks, Turtles, Moray Eels and an endless array of reef fish. Head over to Western Australia and discover why Ningaloo draws adventure enthusiasts from all over the world.


  1. SS Yongala, Townsville QLD (Photo by

No ‘top 10’ list would be complete without witnessing the supersized marine life found at SS Yongala wreck. Lying 89 kilometres from offshore Townsville and one of the most diverse artificial reefs in Australia (if not the world!), The Yongala is not to be missed by divers and history buffs alike. Escape the crowds and travel back in time to learn about how the ship came to an untimely end in 1911.


  1. Heron Bommie, Heron Island QLD (photo by

A signature of the Whitsunday’s and only minutes from the resort, the Heron Bommie is a diver’s dream. Let the air out of your BCD and witness the gorgeous bouquet of colour, as you descend through the 900 species of fish that call the Bommie home. Keep your mask clear and you might even see a barracuda cruising about!


  1. South West Rocks, NSW (photo by

Take the plunge! Cruise into a leviathan 125-metre ocean cave, experience the thrill of being up close and personal with a Nurse Shark and be totally in awe of the thousands of reef fish swimming overhead. Able to be enjoyed by divers of all experience levels, South West Rocks easily makes our top 10!


  1. EX-HMAS Brisbane, QLD (photo by

Few dive sites in Australia offer as much of a photo-op as the Ex-HMAS Brisbane, an ex-Navy Destroyer lying at the bottom of the Sunshine Coast harbor and a home to an astounding 1000 species of marine life. Cruise alongside the forward gun and imagine the stories of the historic war vessel.


  1. Cod Hole, Cairns QLD (photo by

Bring a wide-angle lens, Cod Hole has monsters! 150kg Potato Cod and if you are lucky, Minke Whales are just a few of the huge species that call this reef home.


  1. Lonsdale Wall VIC (photo by

We recommend suiting up in one of our dry suits for this one! Located 1.5 hours off the coast of Melbourne, Lonsdale Wall is a myriad of life amongst a colossal vertical drop that plummets as far as 80 metres down!


  1. Kangaroo Island SA (photo by

Home of the fabled Leafy Sea Dragon, Kangaroo Island is just a ferry ride from Adelaide and provides a chance to see species envied all over the world. It is not if, but when will you play with the many seals and dolphins that call this special place home.


  1. Shelly Beach NSW (photo by

A humble favourite of divers and weekend snorkelers alike, Shelly Beach offers an easy, effortless dive, teeming with marine life that is perfect for those just starting out or the more adventurous who are hungry to see a bronze whaler circling about!


  1. I love Shelly beach, it is the place where I learned to dive. Still listing it as a “Top 10 Dive site” among SWR, Yongala and etc, is such a joke…

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