The Nautilus Life

The Nautilus is one of the most mysterious creatures in the ocean, maybe the last members of a prehistoric line going back over 500 million years. Not much is known about the Nautilus populations and their migration and birthing actions. A dwindling number of these creatures due to overfishing has lead researches to dig deeper into their behaviours and population data.

Save the Nautilus Foundation is heading up an international research project aimed at collecting valuable information to progress crucial management plans.  The foundation has planted netted -filled cans on the seafloor at 300 – 400 metres deep.  Dr Barord expands that the smell of rotting meat attracts the Nautiluses scouring the sea bottom for rotting meat.

In the four year period between ’06 and ’10 there were over half a million nautilus shells imported just into the US. Researches believe that this huge demand for nautilus shell jewellery has led to the point of no return for these ancient creatures. It’s incredible that much of the industry still remains highly unregulated.

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