Scuba Buddies Diver & Trip Info Evening

Below is a message from the organiser team of the Scuba Buddies dive club with 500+ members. ADRENO is proud to be sponsoring the event with$500 worth of prizes and merchandise. Hope to see you there!


Howdy Divers!!!

Apologies for the short notice, but we have a diver/trip information evening running on Sunday 6th July at 5:30 PM at the Wynnum-Manly Leagues/Workers Club.

Fern from Lutwala Dive is coming to discuss JD’s awesome South African Adventure, and also a trip they are offering to Gili for New Year’s/Diving this year. The trip details are available HERE but the information evening will be the perfect opportunity to meet the crew who are running the trip and get some firsthand experience. We may also have some other local trip organisers there to discuss their own trips, this is in negotiation.

JD will have videos and slides from his Komodo and other overseas adventures for people to see. His camera rig will be there for people to check out as well for those with an interest in more serious photography.


We also have a Technical Instructor coming along to discuss more advanced recreational and technical diving pathways and courses, and perhaps even have a rebreather on display for you to poke at and discuss.

Adreno have kindly offered up a couple of door prizes (Adreno vouchers obviously) for the evening, and we’ll also have some marine biologists and/or experts around for you to chat with.

The evening will also be an opportunity for us to discuss and plan what dives/trips/activities YOU would like to see in the next  12 months, so if you have any ideas, please come along and discuss them!!!

The club has a Bistro open from 5:30 ‘til 8 and the room we have has free coffee/tea and a working bar for those who wish to have a beverage or two.

This is a free event, so no excuses!!!

The Meetup event is here:

Hope to see you all there.

The Organiser Team.

July 6, 2014 5:30PM

The Oval Room.

Wynnum Manly Workers Sports Club

35 Bognor Street


Brisbane QLD 4173


  1. This stuff has been shared on my Facebook and DiveCareDare Facebook Page in support of Fern and JD’s African Dive Safaris.
    Dive safari wet stuff:
    Dive safari Fern and NOMAD CEO stuff:
    Happy snap frogfish favourites:

  2. Thanks for the interesting read about scubadiving! I have been a few times in my life and loved it. It is a great experience and adventure that I hope everyone can experience. Thanks again for sharing – I look forward to reading more of your blogs again in the future!

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