PNG Rabaul Dive Trip

Imagine your very own beach hideaway with pristine coral right at your doorstep and endless WWII dive sites within arms reach.  This is the spectacle that you can expect when you arrive at Kabaira Beach Hideaway, Rabaul, the first stop in a once in a lifetime dive adventure with Adreno. We’ve been working hard (really hard, we swear!) exploring some of the World’s best dive sites so we can start taking our adventurous Scuba Diving community to the very best dive locations mother nature has to offer.

Upon arriving in Rabaul, at the northern end of Papua New Guinea, you’ll be taken to your authentic bungalow style accomodation for six nights of bliss. After settling-in you’ll spend your days scuba diving and exploring the local culture.  With 2 boat dives each day, there’ll be no shortage of time in the water.


Kabaira Beach Hideaway


Shore diving options at your doorstep.


Photo: Immersion Photography

The local area is a hub for some of the worlds best dive sites, featuring over 60 World War II wrecks in an easy 15 – 30 metres of visibility.  In addition to the smorgasbord of wrecks to dive, there are some incredible coral reef formations to be explored on shore dives and boat dives. With butter smooth waters surrounding the shoreline, each site is a breeze to get to.

George’s wreck, one of the sites favoured by scuba divers, rests it’s bow in just 12 metres of water with the stern dropping right down to 60 metres. The wreck holds untouched coral formations and pristine sea life. This is a reflection of what you can expect at each dive site. With macro and micro sea life on offer, the area holds something for everyone. You can expect to see everything from big pelagic fish right down to nudibranchs, feather stars, cowries and more!

Photo: Immersion Photography

Photo: Immersion Photography


Every dive is guided by a profession dive guide.


Incredible Micro and Macro sea life.

On each dive you’ll be in the best of hands, with a professional dive guide and Adreno trip leader right by your side. Between the best dives of your life you can expect to feel like a real local with authentic local cuisine prepared and waiting for you for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

After 6 days of exploring the local reefs you’ll be taken via boat to Kokopo Beach Bungalow Resort.  Here you’ll get the opportunity to explore Kokopo’s prosperous volcanic town, embarking on a half day land tour with a professional guide.

Sound like a scuba diving trip you could handle? We’d love you to join us! Adreno is now running trips, lead by our experienced Scuba Diving experts, to exotic destinations around the world. Our next Rabul, PNG scuba diving holiday is running from May 06-14, 2017, and costs $3,445 per person including flights, dives, accommodation, most meals and more. Email [email protected] and let us take you on the trip of a lifetime.