Fiji 2016 – Beqa Lagoon

It’s not about “If” you will see any sharks on this adrenaline filled dive. But “When” you will see them! Located off a beautiful secluded island, off mainland Fiji, Beqa Lagoon is consistently named the world’s best shark dive, and we at Adreno, want you to join us there.

Be sure to bring your camera. As over the 10 scheduled dives, you will cruise alongside an immeasurable amount of black, white, grey and silver-tip reef sharks, as well as a few of the big boys – nurse, lemon and tiger sharks. In addition, a number of manta rays and as many as 400 species of tropical reef fish call this place home. With over 50 dives on offer, Beqa Lagoon has something for every experience level, from those looking to jump in and go deep for the first time, to seasoned veterans looking for the next underwater adventure.

With spectacular accommodation sorted at the Uprising Beach Resort, just sit back and get excited. Offering a variety of room choices, find an option that satisfies your desire for a truly Fijian vacation, from dormitories to beach houses. If you don’t want to dive everyday, that’s cool too. Located on a pristine and picture-perfect 2 mile white sandy beach, the resort offers a wide range of activities to ensure your days are filled with as much or as little adventure as you please. The temptation to see out the day, drink in hand, watching the sunset, will be hard to resist!

For more information, Adreno is offering divers a presentation in Sydney and Brisbane stores on April 7th at 6:30pm, for an in-depth look at the trip and all the incredible experiences it has to offer.  

For enquiries contact [email protected]

Cost: $2,735 per diver

Trip Dates: October 22 – 29 2016

 Information Night: April 7, 6:30pm

For further information, head to: http://www.scubadiving.com.au/pages/travel_fiji_beqa_lagoon


Hundreds of sharks


There’s something for everyone

Get up close and personal

Get up close and personal


  1. to sales

    Further to my telephone conversation this morning I have a few queries.

    Please could you supply me flight details as we will be coming from Perth.

    We will need to know where we meet and how we get our tickets and bookings.

    What weight is allowed on the flights?

    What currency do they use at the resort?

    We are looking for a room upgrade to either the Garden Bure OR Beach Bure. (2 separate beds needed)

    The divers are Fred Williamson (approx. 125 dive) Michael Williamson (approx. 100 dives)

    Fred’s passport expires on 9/1/17 and Michael’s passport expires 3/3/17. Will they need to renew their passports before they go?

    Are any visas required?

    Are there any health risks we should know about?

    Please provide any other information you have for this tour and visiting Fiji Bega Lagoon.



  2. Hi, i am wondering about diving. How many dives in a day ?
    And other thing i am from perth. I will pay same amounts or there is extra ?

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